SuBBum GuRu

I am a Spirit Body Breath Mind Coach
Guiding you to Reconnect to YOU!
I’m your SuBBuM GuRu!

You are guided to recognize and reconnect to the stillness of your power through the four pillars of the Human Being: Spirit, Body, Breath, Mind

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Are you searching for answers? Seeking your authentic purpose? Are you doing all the mantras, meditations and yoga poses in order to gain spiritual enlightenment?

Are you trying to understand what is going on with your external world while your internal world feels unsettled, seems like it’s constantly changing and you are struggling to have a clam mind and some inner peace?

Are you dealing with crazy thoughts and emotions and feeling a need to protect your Self from this insane energy?

Are you participating in plant medicines, ceremonies, or physical and energetic cleanses hoping that it will open, change, fix, cure or awaken you?

Do you know that there is nothing you have to do, change into, become, buy, practice, say over and over again, or become something other than what you are right now!

You are guided to another space that we all have access to and yet don’t even know it is there. The Being. The larger part of YOU! You come to a clear space of understanding, expansiveness and unending stillness. Seeing all that is related to Time and Change is part of the Human aspect of Self.
You can experience the endless stillness of the Being, which is the space for the movement of the Human to occur. This space is who you really are! The larger part of YOU! You are guided on an experiential journey to discover this space!

There is something within each of us that we give no attention to and yet is the most powerful space within. Our most Graceful gift is from where we give our attention

With just a shift in perception, you will find YOU – your Beingness! You will see that it has always been there! This is our message! To learn more about your #SuBBuMGuRu, and our events, please explore our website and join us in an experiential journey of self-discovery.

You are guided on a direct path to Self Realization. It is already You! We have just never been shown how to find it. You are shown how easy it is!

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“True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.” Albert Einstein