Recognizing the Stillness

Stepping out of the Human and Discovering the Being!

“I don’t understand why I am in this situation!”
This is a common comment from seekers looking for guidance. One goes on to say, “I’m not looking for sympathy, just perspective and connection with people. I am tired of going over my situation, I am just tired ~ MS from UK

If you are seeking perspective and connection, we guide you to You. We all must start with Self. Think of it this way, you are a Human Being. Did you know that there are two parts to you?  We guide you through an experiential journey showing you these two aspects of Self and you discover how you can perceive from this stillness space within. You are a Human Being. Two parts that create a whole. The Human aspect of Self is in constant movement, change and is very unstable. The Being aspect of Self is endless stillness, unchanging and stable.

Watch the movement of all that is Human about you from your place of stillness. There is nothing you have to do (movement). Only Be (Stillness). Experience this space of Being, or what we call Intelligent Space and IS-ness. This space transcends the Human moving aspect of Self which include your name, your things, ideas, beliefs, thoughts and who you think you are. These moving changing parts of you are not the true YOU. Anything not the true You will naturally fall away. Just stay in the space of your Being, which is stillness. This endless space of stillness is the larger part of you. It is the space of your natural state of love and compassion. This space is already You!

Anything Human about you is in motion, changing, a slave to Time. Anything Being about you is the stillness, unending, timeless, unchanging aspect of Self. This space can only be experienced. There are no words for this space and YOU have access to this space! It is as easy as a shift in perception.Signature Framework

Take a look at your situation from the still space of your Being. Just notice the movement of your energy, your body, your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas and beliefs about it. Just watch it from your space of Being. Then let it go and go deeper into your space of expansiveness. From this space more and more of the movement of your Human begins to fall away and you become more aware of what you are not. You are not ANY of the things related to the moving Human aspect of Self. That is the smaller, compact, a slave to Time part of you. Recognize the Being! The larger, expansive, still, timeless part of YOU!

You are the Light Being! Let us show you by guiding you on an experiential journey to Stepping out of the Human and Discovering the Being!©

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Author: Deni Van

My journey includes over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, 20 years as a professional communicator interpreter, bridging cultures and languages, over 15 years as a yoga teacher and over 10 years a licensed massage therapist. Healing self and guiding others to healing on the level of Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

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