Energy Healing Circle 14 Feb 2018

Today’s energy healing circle is dedicated to the Heart and the most important relationship you must have.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Discover what you need to have in a relationship. Your most important relationship is with Self.
New relationships and bringing past experiences into a new relationship.
The heart center knows no boundaries.
Make a list of all of the qualities you want to have in the person that you would like to have a relationship with.

Allowing connections with new relationships. Bringing past experiences into new relationships.
Tapping on past experiences where the heart was closed.

Author: Deni Van

My journey includes over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, 20 years as a professional communicator interpreter, bridging cultures and languages, over 15 years as a yoga teacher and over 10 years a licensed massage therapist. Healing self and guiding others to healing on the level of Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

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