Spiritual Energy Healing 28 Feb 2018

Today we are using Angel cards for guidance. Come into your space of stillness.
The Child is reminding, you care deeply about children, however ALL children, including your own inner child require love, affection and attention. The space in innocent. Allow your heart to open.
Remembering we are already whole.

Relationship to connect. When coming into relationship, not having expectations will keep us open. Be aware of bringing old expectations into new relationships because it clouds our ability to see clearly. Instead we are looking through a lens of what should be instead of see what is right in front of us.

The importance of grounding. Recognize your spiritual gift. Always coming into stillness with meditation and ending with the energy flush.

Please join for more in our group Light Beings Assembly 

Author: Deni Van

My journey includes over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, 20 years as a professional communicator interpreter, bridging cultures and languages, over 15 years as a yoga teacher and over 10 years a licensed massage therapist. Healing self and guiding others to healing on the level of Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

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