144,000 Play Your Song

I see people trying to make sense out of the numbers 144,000. They may believe it is an actual number of people. A select chosen few who get to rule with Jesus in heaven. Or something along those lines.

I see something very different with this.

The Uni-Verse – 
Uni – One
Verse – song
– is orchestrating a beautiful symphony. And each one of us plays a very important part.

Everything is frequency. I see it in terms of octaves. There are 12 notes in 1 octave and there are 12 octaves. 12×12 = 144 on three levels of Mind Body Spirit each have their own notes or frequency.

The trick is to get all 3 levels in tune. Many of us are desperately seeking the feeling of moving through life in tune. We recognize we are out of tune.

Where are you on the musical scales of your life, and what song are you playing?

If it is in tune, you release a song (vibration) of love, joy and compassion.
If it is out of tune, you release a song of confusion, neediness, fear, wanting, lacking.

The beautiful thing is –

we get to choose.

Play your song.


Author: Deni Van

My journey includes over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, 20 years as a professional communicator interpreter, bridging cultures and languages, over 15 years as a yoga teacher and over 10 years a licensed massage therapist. Healing self and guiding others to healing on the level of Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

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