Spirituality and the Divine Feminine

What is the Divine Feminine?

Thank you for following! You may have noticed that we are going through some changes. Thank you for your patience as we make adjustments and grow.

Today’s Heartfelt Awakening Village group live stream comes from a question from a member of the group. This person is concerned about learning about this energy and if it is possible to become more female.

Understanding the divine feminine and masculine within you as a system.
The importance of symbols.
Energy is constantly seeking the path of least resistance or a ground.
Is positive energy good and negative energy bad?

Our body can become resistant to the flow of energy.

Awakening starts with you where you are right now!

Tell me, what was your aha from this video?

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Author: Deni Van

My journey includes over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, 20 years as a professional communicator interpreter, bridging cultures and languages, over 15 years as a yoga teacher and over 10 years a licensed massage therapist. Healing self and guiding others to healing on the level of Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

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