Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Being

Hello light Beings! How is everyone?

Lately we have been talking about the different aspects of the Human in our Heartfelt Awakening Village on Facebook.  You’re welcome to check it out! First we started talking about the aspect of Spirit which is the biggest part of us.  Then we moved on to the body and coming into a relaxed state.  This week we have a meditation focusing on the bridge between the physical and nonphysical- the Breath.

My Name is Deni Van and I am a spirit, breath, body, mind coach and I have been doing this type of work for 30 years- I love, love, love this work!

I know that many of us are on this path come from various different backgrounds- cultures, religions, you name it.

What I find beautiful about meditation is that your spiritual or religious path doesn’t matter- there is no religion, there is no gender, there are no beliefs or thought.

The breath is the bridge between the nonphysical world that we are all desperately seeking within and the physical world that we’re experiencing right now. The breath work we do along with the meditation really helps connect with that very subtle space between all that is- and you- your body and everything else that comes with being Human.

Breath is the bridge to what we are looking for!

While you read this I invite you to sit up straight , strengthen through your spine but allow your belly to rest- both feet flat on the floor. Focus on your belly. Take the opportunity to relax your diaphragm. The diaphragm is a rare muscle in that it has its’ own nerve. So, while we work on breath, we don’t want to be holding tension there.

Now, I’m going to tell you something that goes completely against what society tells us.

You ALWAYS hear to take a nice deep breath in (……….)

And then to let it all out )……….(

When we take in this DEEP breath of air and then let it All go as a way to release, what we are doing is sending our body into homeostasis which is a term for a consistent state of seeking balance. We are putting ourselves out of wack instead of releasing like we thought we were.

What’s out of balance by this? Our Blood gases- the oxygen and Carbon Dioxide flowing through our veins.

I have been taught yoga from 2 different points of view- a modern fitness way of yoga versus the more traditional point of few.

In fitness yoga, they will tell you to take a nice deep breath and then let it all go because what you are letting go of, is all waste.  However, with the blood gases in our systems to exchange, we need C02 (our exhale, the waste we think we’re releasing) needs to remain at about 5%-7% in order to properly exchange.  That means how much air we take in and exhale is very important- the body will keep trying to maintain this balance.

When we’re taking in deep breaths like this, we are essentially breathing for more than one person. Kind of like chronic hyperventilation- you’re programming your lungs to breathe more than you need to all day long. How we breathe during the day effects how we breathe at night.  So Symptoms like sleep apnea or heavy snoring can absolutely tie into how we are breathing during the day.

In the more traditional teachings of yoga, when we are in our natural state of breathing you’ll notice, the body will be completely relaxed and you basically sip air. There’s a huge difference between the air we program ourselves to take versus the gentle inhale through the nose we’re meant to take.

Try taking a breath through your mouth.  It feels like a huge gulp- think of it like your telling your body to struggle for air. You would only breath like this if you were exercising, not really effective if you’re just trying to breath. It’s going to start to trigger your fight or flight response.

Now take a breath through your nose- it feels calming, natural, effortless. You’re taking in much less air- but you’re taking in more of what you need.

When we take in more than we need we release more than we need.  It can get exhausting!

So I want to focus on this because the breath is how we connect to our spiritual and physical being!

One way I like to practice breathe work I call Skimming. Many of us breath have a wide range of motion when we breathe- a rhythmic pattern of deep breathes in and out.  I want you to try something different.

Try taking a natural breath in…now let just a little bit out.

Take a tiny Breath in… and then exhale just a little bit. Take couple more breathes like this. “Skimming” off the amount of air we intake.

It seems counterintuitive but the breath underneath is building CO2 is our blood system. This increases oxygen! Oxygen in the muscles, the brain- our whole bodies!

So when we’re breathing in these huge breathes, we are actually starving our body of oxygen, it’s a chronic hyperventilation. Symptoms of this can include, needing to catch your breath, anxiety, the feeling if the need to do something and not knowing why, lack of the ability to concentrate or anxiety- and this is just during the day! At night you can also have not being able to fall into a deeper sleep, breathing issues, heavy snoring or even sleep apnea.

You can correct these issues by changing your breathing. Become aware of your breathing during the day and your bodies will natural start to shift- it’s kind of like a breathing diet! Breathe in less so we increase the gases in our bodies.

So relax, notice how the body only needs sips of air- relax into the pause between each breath. Let this pause grow. Don’t force you breath- just observe.  Little sips. Build the gases. Relax even more.

The C02 is actually the body’s natural muscle relaxer, when we have that sweet spot between 5-7% we just naturally relax, naturally lower our blood pressure, and naturally lower our stress levels. Continue to practice this! Now observe, how is your belly? Let it relax out. Are you clenching your jaws? Relax the face, relax the throat.  How are your shoulders? Relax them, gently draw them together and down away from you ears. Notice your whole body release.

Take time out of every day to just sit in this stillness of breathing to allow the gases to build and trigger your body into a state of relaxation- let everything go.

Alright- I’ve talked about this enough so are you ready to experience this? Tune into my group Heartfelt Awakening Village for a meditation on this breath work. While you’re there, check out the unit of Meditation Monday where we talk about the different aspect of self in a 4 part series- totally binge worthy. Thank you my friends!

If you’ve been on this journey for a while and it feels like you’re going in circles- it means you are. Literally! If you’re feeling stuck in the Human you’ve got to Awaken to the larger part of YOU!

Allow me to help you get started on a new perceptive that has the ability to rediscover and reconnect to what is already inside you you!

Make an appointment today!




Author: Deni Van

My journey includes over 30 years as a spiritual counselor, 20 years as a professional communicator interpreter, bridging cultures and languages, over 15 years as a yoga teacher and over 10 years a licensed massage therapist. Healing self and guiding others to healing on the level of Mind, Body, Breath and Spirit.

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