My Story

You are not your job! Not just the name in your passport — And certainly not your Social Media profile!

I learned that 17 years ago…

But in our busy lives we often forget to stay connected with who we are; ourselves.

It is so much easier to just auto respond with our job title when
someone asks us who we are, that we lose track of our values, of the things that sets us apart from being a just another figure the statistics of consumer behavior posted in your never ending news feed.
The constant information stream poured out through the internet and
bombarding us on social media keeps us connected to the entire world… but disconnected from ourselves.

I have experienced first hand the result of being completely disconnected from myself by the stress of my life, when I got diagnosed with cancer in 2001. It took a life-threatening event like this, to make me see that the way I lived my life was wearing me down. And that became the wake-up call, it sparked My Awakening, to a new life full of energy, a calm, stress-free mind and a much healthier, balanced and connected mind and body.

Starring into the abyss that could have been the end of it all, helped me go through a spiritual and personal transformation and finally be able to let go of all the emotional baggage I had been carrying with me for way too long.
Now I guide others on their unique spiritual journey. The path to spiritual awakening, personal healing, inner peace and a calm mind is never the same for everyone, but I help you find your own way to let go of what is weighing you down, to overcome traumas from your past and reconnect with yourself.
My approach is centered around you as a whole being, with mind and body. Finding internal peace is not about your soul alone, just as your physical health is never just about your body as a bio-chemical organism. Dealing with stress, fears, worries, health issues or past experiences requires just as much care for your body and physical health.
As your Spirit Body Breath Mind coach I Guide You to Reconnect with Yourself. Aligning Body, Breath and Spirit.
All of these constitute the path to developing a calm mind and the energy to live your life free of stress and anxiety.
Start your spiritual journey by signing up for a course. It is completely free and you will gain valuable tools and techniques to take care of your complete self, inside and out.
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I have 30 years of experience as a spiritual counselor, 15 working with the mind/body side of our existence as a yoga instructor and 10 years as a licensed massage therapist.

Deni Van

“I think 99 times and I find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” ~ Albert Einstein