How Can We Be of Service?

Our time together is so precious and I want to make the best of it!
As your SuBBuM GuRu, I guide Humans to the larger part of their Beingness on the level of Spirit and this is provided free in our weekly Energy Healing Circle live streamed on our Facebook Business Page.

Please sign up for our  free 5 day experiential journey to stepping out of the Human and into the Being. This is the foundation of shifting your perception from the movement to stillness. From the movement of the Human to the endless stillness of the Being.

We offer a variety of services including:
* webinars *courses *summits *one on one sessions *virtual retreats *small group tailored events
All focused on healing on the level of Spirit Body Breath Mind, focused on Guiding you to Reconnecting, Rediscovering and Realizing the larger part of YOU!

We also have a Podcast you can listen to and will have opportunities to participate in!

One on one sessions can be scheduled by filling out the contact form. The fee for this time together is:
$60 for 30 minutes
$111 for 1 hour session

Please contact us and lets talk about how we can be of service for your next event.


Deni Van also provides support for those who have found this space within and guides them through the phases of oscillating between the Human part of Self and the Being aspect of Self, as we discover how to move through live from the stillness of the Being. Recognition of the Human is clear from the perspective of the Being. This space is already YOU!

Community Organization Facebook Group: Light Beings Assembly

 “Be –  don’t try to become” ~ Osho


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