Stillness Meditation

Do you experience symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of being overwhelmed? Are you searching and have a longing for some inner peace?
You are guided on an experiential journey into stillness through the breath.

Discover how you can enter this space between the breaths, the most relaxed pause, and learn to recognize the stillness within, and immediately perceive from that intelligent space. Learn how the breath is the communication between the mind, body and spirit. Feel how you can reduce the affects of anxiety and stress on the Mind and Body through conscious adjustments in your daily breathing. Feel the difference in your body! You will have the opportunity to have the conscious experience of entering the stillness between the breath. A community organization guiding explorers to stepping out of the Human and into the Being. An experiential journey to spiritual awakening.

This webinar was broadcast live on 11-17-17 at 11:00AM CST
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