How to connect to Spirit through Art Expression.


We are about the start #ArtfulAugust. Drawing from your Soul.

An entire month filled with connecting to your Soul and communicating through art!

During the month of August you will:

Learn to connect to your Soul through Art.

Guided meditation for direct connection

Connecting to the movement of energy

Draw what the energy feels like – using dominant and non dominant hands.

Bypass the judgements and opinions of the Mind.

Weekly private group sessions for processing and integration.

You choose your art medium – pencils, charcoal, crayons, markers, combination, etc. Many options for various budgets and preference are available.

No artistic knowledge required!

This event will be held in our private Facebook group Heartfelt Awakening Center

With a suggested donation of $47 you will receive group sessions with unlimited support. No one is turned away because they cannot pay. Please send me a message for alternative ways to participate.

Discover how you can connect and communicate from your soul expressed through art!

Thank you for the opportunity to share!


Sign up here!

Deni Van © 2018

Make Friends with Change

Hey all! We are in the midst of growing and changing! Exciting stuff coming along with some branding changes. We hope you like the changes and continue to follow the message that we want to spread.

As much as this Human loves SuBBuM GuRu, it really doesn’t say what it is we do and so we have been asking and receiving clarity on our path.

We are lining up with our message and our brand which is Heartfelt Awakening – Aligning Body, Breath and Spirit.

I work with Beings who are seeking alignment with the body, breath and spirit. When this alignment happens, you live in harmony with Nature and the natural cycles of Nature. I have many tools to use to connect and heal on all levels of Being but most important is to discover this space of Being within You!

Thank you for being with me on this journey. We are going to be launching our new website very soon! (June 1st is the goal) This page will still host the blog. So continue to subscribe! More stuff to come!

PS – Thank you for your messages! Yes I do offer one on one and group services!
Feel free to check out my Facebook business page or check out my calendar to schedule your appointment!